Welcome to The Art of Time.

For almost 160 years we have been engineering and crafting innovative ways for the world to tell time. Through imagination, intuition and with unfailing dedication to find the perfect balance between technology and design, Timex has become a name internationally synonymous with all that is true watch mastery. The Intelligent QuartzTM collection is a harmonious collaboration, where craftsmanship and technological innovation merge.

We have started an intriguing journey where we intend to travel through The Art of Time in a playful and conceptual manner. An experimental platform where we collaborate with artists, designers and engineers to explore technology and design in watch-making.

Episode N — O1 is an aesthetic translation of a Timex® Intelligent QuartzTM Chronograph into a kinetic installation that expresses the beauty of technology and design in motion.

The Intelligent QuartzTM

Chronograph Collection

Fly-back Chronograph

Linear Indicator Chronograph

Tachymeter & 2nd time zone